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Glorious Property Holdings Limited
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Creating a Top Social Resource Platform in China

Glorious Club, a high-end private club, a top social resource platform in China exclusive to high-end owners of Glorious Property, provides perfect enjoyment of life for high-end owners of Glorious Property, and creates precious opportunities to develop a remarkable realm of life, through its offerings of  exclusive luxurious services, and by use of its powerful resources in social interaction. It is not only a bridge of communication between developers and high-end owners, but also powerful connection between high-end buyers for their unimpeded communication.

For so many years, Glorious Club has been continuously improving the contents and depth of its services. It has managed to build up so many typical resources for social interaction, such as the 3000㎡ Bordeaux Estate, and golf-themed parks with 9 holes putting greens plus 250 yard practice courts. By integration with the high-end real estate projects of Glorious Property, it has further formed a unique developing mode of real estate of Glorious Property, leading to overall rise of customer value, highly praised by high-end owners and insiders of the same industry.

Through its predominant international insight, Glorious Property is aiming at fulfilling the continuous progress of the Chinese Construction Industry by achieving more,and leading the ultimacy life for numerous glitterati.
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