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Bashangjie Project

Land area: 118,929 sq.mConstruction area: 1,347,100 sq.m
Woods Bagot, from an International Architectural Consultancy, was invited to participate in the design of Hefei Bashangjie project. According to the planning of our Company, upon completion of the project, it will be a landmark building community at municipal level and comprehensive commercial center, themed by ecology, nature, health, integrating a 5-star hotel, first-class office building, service apartments and large commercial shopping center. This project is located in the center of Hefei City, with Mingguang Road to the east, Wuhu Road to the south, Chuzhou Road to the west, East Changjiang Road to the north, and the foundation is naturally divided into two parts (one in the south, the other in the north) by the East Changjiang Avenue.
This project is located at the junction of LRT No.1 and No.2, bordered by the Nanfei River landscape to the south, very close to Gujing Holiday Inn and Commercial Pedestrian Street on Huaihe Road, with Hefei Wanda Plaza across the river, and has good commercial amenities and cultural atmosphere, as well as superior natural environment.
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