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Glorious Property Holdings Limited
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Royal Lakefront (Shanghai)

Royal Lakefront
European Lakeshore City of Nanqiao New City
Floor area: 279,731 sq.m
Construction area: 627,514 sq.m
Royal Lakefront is located in the center of the highly acknowledged ecosystem-inspired residential zone in Nanqiao New City, Fengxian District, which is an important project under government planning. Adjacent to A4 Expressway and Jinhai Station of No.5 Light Railway (under planning), this project boasts a unique environmental and geological advantage. To its south is the new government administrative center of the new city, while to its north is a natural park of about 10 km2. To the east sits the “Fish of Shanghai” international cruise theme park of about 2.5 million sq.m. in area. The natural environment is excellent. This residential project follows European neo-classical construction style featuring royal-garden-style landscapes, interpreting a European lakeshore city lifestyle in southern Shanghai for the first time.
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