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Glorious Property Holdings Limited
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? In 2012, Glorious Property sponsored and participated the“Oxfam Rice Sale 2012”in Hong Kong.

? In 2012, Glorious Property employee visited Shanghai Guangci welfare center for children.

? In 2012, Glorious Property employee visited Shanghai Changfeng Nursing House

? In 2011, Glorious Property employee donated over RMB 10,000 to Fangbian Hope Elementary school in Dabie Mountain area.

? In 2011, Glorious Property Tianjin Company made donation for financially difficult students.

? In 2011, Glorious Property sponsored “NIngxia Yellow River Wuzhong Theme Party” and donated RMB 3,500,000.

? In 2011, Glorious Property Shanghai Hongye company donated to Shanghai Charity Foundation Fengxian branch.

? In 2010, Glorious Property donated RMB 80,000 to financially difficult students.

? In 2010, Glorious Property established “Hanyang foundation” and raised RMB 270,000 for UNICEF (Nations International Children's Emergence Fund)

? In 2010, Glorious Property Sponsored Hong kong Wai Yin Association benefit ball.

? In 2010, Glorious Property founded “No. 38 Middle School Fund” in Hefei.

? In 2010, Glorious Property was granted “2009/10 President’s Award” by The Community Chest of Hong Kong.

? In 2008, Glorious Property Group donated RMB 6.8 million to Wenchuan area, Sichuan Province, where was stricken by a devastating 7.9 earthquake in May.

? In 2008, Glorious Property Tianjin Branch was awarded “ADVANCED CHARITY COMPANY” by Tianjin Hedong District charity association. Tianjin Glorious property provided a great amount of donation and help to Wenchuan area, which was stricken by a devastating 7.9 earthquake in May.

? In 2006, Glorious Property Group received the title of “CHARITY STAR” by Taopu Township government, Putuo District of Shanghai.

? In 2005, Glorious Property Group donated RMB 55,000 to Tianjin Charities Association.

? In 2003, Glorious Property Group donated RMB 50,000 and RMB 3 million to Tianjin City Health Bureau and Shanghai Fighting SARS Foundation respectively, for fighting against SARS virus.

? In 2001, Glorious Property Group donated RMB 10 million to Jiangxi Province, helping established “CHINA SUNSHINE HOPE PROJECT FOUNDATION”.

Since 1998, Glorious Property Group has donated RMB 3.5 million in total to Shanghai public welfare activities.

Since 1998, Glorious Property Group has donated over RMB10,000 to HOPE PROJECT.

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