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Glorious Property Holdings Limited
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1. In order to protect intellectual property rights, protect the rights and interests of the authors, and to regulate and pay copyright holders for their copyrighted works used by Glorious Property Holdings Ltd. in a timely manner, we have reached an agreement with the Copyright Protection Center of China. The Center will pay relevant copyright holders for their copyrighted works used by Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. Any rights holders whose rights have not yet been verified during the time of use can submit rights holder identification documents to Glorious Property Holdings Ltd. and can also directly contact the Copyright Protection Center of China.

2. Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. and the information providers of this website and this webpage own the relevant copyrights for all information on this webpage. It shall not be reproduced or mirrored on any server that does not belong to Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. without a written consent from Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. and this website. Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. and this website do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or legality of external links set up on this website for the convenience of users.

3. Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. and the information providers of this website and webpage shall strictly comply with all relevant laws. Any uploading or posting of information must be able to clearly indicate the true author and the true origin. Within the scope of this website, this website has the right to quote, publish, and upload content that users post on this website. Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. and this website do not assume any liability for disputes caused by content published by users. Advanced written consents of the author, Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd., and this website are required before uploading contents from traditional media.

Protection of the security and privacy of your personal data is extremely important to this website. Therefore, we pay close attention to following all laws related to data privacy protection and data security. We hope that the following rules will help you understand the data that is required to be collected by this website, how we use and protect that data, and whom we share that data with.

1. Personal data
This website does not collect any personal data (such as your name, address, telephone number, or e-mail address) unless you provide it willingly (during registration and surveys.)

2. Purpose of data use
We regularly use the personal data you provide to this website to respond to your inquiries, process your orders, or provide you with the appropriate information or plans. We will use this data to support our customer relationship with you.
We store and process this personal data and share it with our global subsidiary companies to better understand your business needs and to improve our products and services. We (or a third party representative) may use this personal data to contact you and furnish to you plans of Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. plans to support your business needs or to conduct online surveying to better understand the needs of our customers.
If you do not want us to use your personal data to support our customer relationship (especially for direct marketing or marketing research), then we will respect your decision. We will not give your personal data to third parties except for Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd.’s own subsidiary companies.

3. Limits of purpose
The collection, use, or disclosure of your personal data by Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. or this website is limited to the following purposes:
When this personal data is used for certain additional purposes, these additional purposes will be directly related to the original purpose of collecting the personal data.
As required for preparing, negotiating, and performing your contract;
As required by judicial, governmental, or law enforcement agencies;
As required by legal declaration o defense;
As required for prevention of fraud or other illegal activities, such as malicious attack of Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd.’s information technology systems.

4. When you are using telecommunications services to access this website, your data (such as IP address) or usage data (such as start, end, and duration of access, and the telecommunications service you use) will be automatically generated. This data may be related to your personal data. If required, we will follow the relevant data privacy laws to collect, process, and use your usage information.

5. Automatic collection of data other than personal data
When you access our website, we may automatically (meaning, not as part of registration) collect some data other than personal data (such as internet browser and operating system used, your website domain name, data access volume, average online time, and pages accessed.) We may use this data and share it with global subsidiary organizations to monitor our website’s level of popularity.

6. Data in cookies automatically stored on your computer
When you visit our website, we may store some data on your computer in the form of cookies in order to identify your computer the next time you visit. Cookies can help us in many ways, such as customizing the website to suit your interests. They can also store passwords to save you from the trouble of entering them each time. If you do not want to receive cookies, then you can set up your internet browser so that all cookies are deleted from your computer and so that it refuses all cookies. You can also choose to receive a warning before cookies are stored.

7. Minors
This website may unknowingly collect data from minor. As such we will be unable to get consent from guardians in advance according to the relevant laws. We only use and make public the data of minors within the scope allowed by law, and we seek the consent of guardians according to local laws and regulations in order to protect minors. The definition of a minor is established by the appropriate laws and also follows national and local cultural customs.

8. Security
This website uses technological and organizational security methods in order to protect your personal data from accidental and illegal destruction, damage, alteration, and unauthorized publication and access.

9. Links to other websites
This website contains links to other websites. This website is not liable for the privacy rules or the contentd from other websites.

10. Questions and opinions
Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. or this website allows requests for the appropriate viewing, correction, editing, or deletion of your personal data. If you have any question or opinion regarding the privacy protection rules of Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. or this website (such as viewing and updating your personal data), then please fill in the "Contact Us" form. The link to the form is located on the top right corner of this webpage.
As the Internet develops, our data privacy protection rules will also become more sophisticated. We will issue updates to these rules on this webpage. Please regularly visit this webpage to learn about the updates.

1. The data provided by this website is for reference only and does not constitute legal offers or commitments.

2. This website strives to ensure the veracity, accuracy, and validity of all data it provides, but this does not indicate that this website or Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. assumes any express or implied responsibility regarding this.

3. This website or Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. does not assume any compensatory liability for any direct, indirect, or derivative damage or loss caused by internet services used by the user or the inability to use internet services.

4. All rights such as copyrights and trademark rights for all internet services provided by this website are the property of Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. No information from this website shall be provided to any unrelated third party, whether compensated or not, without the written consent of Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. or this website.

5. The articles uploaded on this website are for the purpose of transmitting additional information and do not imply the endorsement of their viewpoints or the verification of the veracity of their content. If there is a question about any article, please contact this website in a timely manner. If an article posted on this website involves any copyright problem, the copyright holder should contact this website within two weeks.

6. The civil rights of all text, images, and audio-visual data for which this website is cited as their source all belong to Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. They shall not be uploaded, linked to, reposted, or used in any other manner without the authorization of Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. or this website.

7. The user understands and agrees that it is possible that this website may be completely or partially disconnected, delayed, omitted, or misdirected or errors in data transmission or storage may be caused due to malfunction or failure or negligent operation of the internet software and hardware equipment of Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd., other partners, or related telecommunications departments, or that it is possible that the system may be infiltrated by third parties and data may be tampered with or counterfeit data may be forged, and that Glorious Property Holdings, Ltd. and this website do not assume any related liability.

8. The user can express opinions and transmit information on this website, but must comply with rules of law and the code of ethics:
(1) Do not use the network engage in any illegal ctivities:
Do not publish any illegal, harassing, vilifying, insulting, threatening, offensive, or obscene language or information.
Do not publish any language or information that incites others to break the law or commit a crime.
Do not publish any language or information that damages national security, national sovereignty and territorial integrity, or national cohesion. Other illegal activities.
(2) Do not infringe upon this website’s internal programs and do not interfere with this website’s security measures.

9. This website reserves the right of interpretation for the above statement.

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